OEBL Examination – Title Sheets

updateDue to unavoidable reasons the fine arts exam in Milton Keynes on Nov 4 has been postponed to Nov 17.  Venue.  Tamil     Academy. Fulwoods Drive. Leaden hall. Milton Keynes. MK6 5LA.



Please Download the Syllabus and Use Adobe Reader® pdf to view and print.


Vocal & Instrumental
பரதம் Grade1 miruthangam Grade1 vocal Grade1
பரதம் Grade2 miruthangam Grade2 vocal Grade2
பரதம் Grade3 miruthangam Grade3 vocal Grade3
பரதம் Grade4 miruthangam Grade4 vocal Grade4
பரதம் Grade5 miruthangam Grade5 vocal Grade5
பரதம் Grade6 miruthangam Grade6 vocal Grade6
பரதம் Grade7 miruthangam Grade7 vocal Grade7
பரதம் Grade8 miruthangam Grade8 vocal Grade8
பரதம் Grade9 miruthangam Grade9 vocal Grade9

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